Finding Oscar Screens in Athens on 9/28

Finding Oscar will return to the big screen for a special one night engagement on 9/28 at Cine Athens. The soundtrack features a new recording of “Flowers of Guatemala,” performed by Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, John Stirratt, Paul Pilot and Joe Adamik. Get tickets now!

Filthy Friends Up At The Crack of Dawn To Play Chicago

The Portland contingent of Filthy Friends flying out to a show at the crack of dawn. Luckily, dawn cracks at around noon in Portland, hence the happy faces. We are playing tonight with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists in Chicago at the Goose Island brewery. We go on early! Drop by… ~Peter

Protest With Prime

Sunday September 17th is Constitution Day, and in the spirit of the times Michael encourages everyone to join the Protest with Prime effort and send a copy of the Constitution to The White House. Join the book drive here: