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R.E.M.’s longtime art director is profiled in this video: The Story Behind the Reid

Peter Buck’s Rolling Stone Interview

R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck discusses the band’s extensive archive, his friendships with his fellow members and why he’s happy to be done with major labels.   On September 21st, 2011, singer Michael Stipe, bassist Mike Mills and guitarist Peter Buck of the Athens, Georgia–born rock group R.E.M. issued a statement on their website, declaring that they … Continued

The Making of R.E.M.’s Iconic “Losing My Religion” Video

From Twenty-five years ago, R.E.M. released Out of Time, which eventually sold over four million copies in the United States and transformed longtime college radio darlings into a mainstream concern. It was the album’s first single “Losing My Religion” that definitively turned the group to artistic and commercial leaders of the burgeoning alternative rock movement. Up until … Continued An Oral History of R.E.M.’s Out Of Time

From R.E.M.’s 1991 LP Out of Time might not be their masterpiece, but it’s arguably their most important album for the way it broke them on mainstream radio, reaching far beyond the commercial potential displayed on 1988’s Green. Out of Time was an LP that redefined R.E.M. as both artists and icons of pop culture, one … Continued

R.E.M. Inks Deal With UMPG

Three months after R.E.M pulled their famous catalogue from Warner Bros to sign with Concord Music Group, the band has inked an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with UMPG. That means leaving behind a long-standing publishing agreement with another WMG company, Warner/Chappell. The new deal with UMPG was agreed between the band, their long-time manager Bertis … Continued

USA Today Podcast: 1991’s OUT OF TIME

Twenty-five years ago this month, R.E.M. released what would become it’s biggest breakthrough album. Though the Georgia band has already graduated from college-rock darlings to major-label stars with the release of Green three years earlier, it’s 1991 album Out of Time took R.E.M. to new heights. Fueled by hit singles Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy People,Out of … Continued

The World’s Greatest Performance Artist?

Here’s an interesting article we wanted to share with references to the great Andy Kaufman and another performer who has been in the news of late:   Read it…


Here is the complete and unedited Q&A about Michael’s support of Bernie Sanders which ran in Rolling Stone earlier: IN SUPPORT OF BERNIE SANDERS   —MICHAEL STIPE  When did you first hear about Bernie Sanders and under what circumstances? I became aware of Sanders because of his ‘outsider-insider’ position in congress.  He’s the senator who … Continued

Michael Stipe: Bernie Sanders’ Appeal & Honesty Are Perfect For Now

From Rolling Stone: Michael Stipe first heard about Bernie Sanders after the then-Vermont representative voted against the Patriot Act, shortly after 9/11. “I became aware of his ‘outsider-insider’ position in Congress,” Stipe tells Rolling Stone in an email. “He’s the senator who has consistently voted the way I would if I were a politician, and who has stood … Continued

Looking Back at the Video for “Losing My Religion”

Tarsem Singh was chosen by the band to direct the video for “Losing My Religion,” the lead single from OUT OF TIME. It was one of the most significant in the band’s career—”Losing My Religion” received nominations in 9 categories at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards and won 6: Video of the Year, Best … Continued

“Losing My Religion” Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the release of “Losing My Religion,” the first single from R.E.M.’s OUT OF TIME, the band’s seventh album and second on Warner Bros. Records. The song reached #4 on the Billboard singles chart, the band’s highest charting single in the USA and the “song of the summer” all over ‪#‎Europe‬. … Continued