Video Clip: This Is Not A Show Explained

Rather than rehearsing in Athens, GA, R.E.M. invited an audience to 5 nights of live rehearsals midway through recording “Accelerate”. Here, Michael explains the concept of the live rehearsals. These live rehearsals took place in 2007 at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. June marks the 10th anniversary. Revisit the 2-CD, 1-DVD “Live At The … Continued

32 Years Ago: The Longest Day

Thirty two years ago today, soundcheck for The Longest Day (thanks The R.E.M. Timeline): R.E.M. first met the band from Dublin who became their lifelong friends: it was soundcheck for The Longest Day, June 22nd was the show— at Milton Keynes Bowl in England. The rest, as they say, was history and tonight U2 is celebrating … Continued

Sun Station Vadso Festival: June 22-24

Sun Station Vadsø, the coolest tiny festival, deep in the Arctic Circle, June 22-24 in midsummer Northern Norway. Peter, Mike, Scott and other luminaries assemble under the midnight sun. More info here:

Michael Gives Talk With Douglas Coupland at Denmark’s Heartland Festival

At the Heartland Festival in Copenhagen, DK, this week, Michael Stipe and Douglas Coupland discussed the importance of ego (s) in, for example, art, literature, public debate, parenting, media, political culture and reality TV. They asked, among other things, how self-portraits became selfies, what people would look for reality TV, how the self turned into … Continued

Peter & Mike to Play Sun Station Vadso in June

Peter, Mike, & Scott McCaughey will be in Norway this summer–June 23 & 24–for Sun Station Vadso. The two-day concert features a great lineup with The Baseball Project, Filthy Friends, The Minus 5, and The Dream Syndicate. Learn more at Ice Station Vadsø.

Michael’s PSA Included on “Hugs For Chelsea”

Michael has contributed a PSA to “Hugs for Chelsea,” the benefit album for Chelsea Manning featuring songs by Thurston Moore, Tom Morello, Graham Nash, Ted Leo, and Kimya Dawson. Click link below to show your support…

CBS Takes A Look At Athens Music Scene

From CBS News: For decades, the city of Athens has set the stage for some of the biggest bands in the world, helping to launch the B 52’s, R.E.M. and The Black Crowes. The music scene has been a driving force in the local economy for generations.