Peter, Scott, & Ben Gibbard Team Up For Minus 5 Track

Check out the video premiere of The Minus 5’s new song “Christmas in Antarctica” performed by Scott, Peter, Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie (lead vocals and co-writing) and Joe Adragna on drums. Watch “Christmas In Antarctica” Here

Michael Says Vote Progressive on Nov. 6

R.E.M. has been based in Athens GA since earliest times, when they were all students at the University of Georgia. In this video for People For the American Way, Michael Stipe weighs in on voting for progressive candidates in Tuesday’s midterm elections, including Stacey Abrams in the critical campaign for governor here in Georgia. Abrams has a the … Continued

R.E.M. in Retrospect

The Atlantic’s James Parker takes a look at the ingredients of greatness that infuse the band’s music in the midst of the recent release of R.E.M. At The BBC: Read it here