The Guardian Talks to Band Members on the 25th Anniversary of Out Of Time

“Michael Stipe stops in mid-sentence. Something is bothering him. “I’m gonna fix your collar,” he says. “It’s gonna drive me crazy. I wouldn’t think of anything but your collar for the rest of my life.” He stands up, walks around the table from his side to mine, and – as every fibre of my being … Continued

R.E.M.: Album by Album Series

UDiscoverMusic has posted the first installment in their series, R.E.M. Album By Album. The first entry–including music, videos, history, and visuals–covers the IRS years and can be viewed at    

Mike Mills WHO KNEW Interview Video

Watch Mike discuss the upcoming OUT OF TIME Anniversary reissue as well as his Concerto for Video, Rock Band, and String Orchestra in this video:

New Alejandro Escovedo Record, Burn Something Beautiful, with Peter Buck, Out Friday

Burn Something Beautiful, the new album from Alejandro Escovedo hits stores and digital outlets on Friday, October 28th. It just so happens that the Texas rocker’s latest album has some major R.E.M. connections. Both Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey not only co-wrote the albums songs and play on it, but they also produced it.

The Orchestral For The People

Mike’s concerto is featured at the today. Check out the full article here:

Filthy Friends Track “Despierta” debuts on 30 Days, 30 Songs…

Peter’s new band with Corin Tucker, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, and Bill Rieflin is called Filthy Friends, and they premiered a great track, “Despierta,” at 30 Days, 30 Songs today. Said Filthy Friends: “We wrote ‘Despierta’ a couple of years ago, before Trump announced his candidacy, as a sort of forecast for where the country might be changing culturally … Continued

Notes From Peter Buck

I’m sitting here on the Oregon coast, watching the storm of the century blowing past my window. This is the second storm of the century this week, so I’m not sure where that leaves us, but I’ll carry on. Y’all might have noticed that R.E.M. had a live version of “World Leader Pretend” appear on … Continued