Read Michael’s Q&A at OMG Blog

OMG Blog has posted an excellent interview with Michael and writer Kevin Heggs (@Kevinheggs on IG) in which the pair discuss Michael’s new solo project, R.E.M.’s recent reissue of 25th Anniversary edition of Monster, glam rock, Michael’s support of Extinction Rebellion, and a whole lot more. Here’s an excerpt: “Despite his apparent radio silence, Michael Stipe has … Continued

Check Out Our Monster A/B Tool

How different is the new 25th anniversary remix of R.E.M.’s Monster compared to the classic? Explore our A/B tool to find out:

Former R.E.M. Tour Manager Returns to Mount Kennedy

Our great friend and former tour manager Bob Whittaker has an amazing and critically acclaimed documentary film, Return to Mt. Kennedy, which, after a successful festival run over the last several months, is now available to stream. We’re all really proud of the work Bob has done over the years, both for the band and in … Continued

Mike and Michael Unbox #Monster25

Mike and Michael unboxing video! This was last month in Stockholm when we first saw the actual vinyl and boxed sets of #Monster25: Watch the video here It’s a beautiful package indeed and that blue is awesome. Pick up your copy:

Peter Produces Lou Reed Tribute

Peter has produced a Lou Reed tribute EP by John Cameron Mitchell and @musicofEYELIDS called Turning Time Around. Watch the video for “Waves of Fear”:

Listen to Mike’s Interview with John Fugelsang

Mike was in New York this week to talk to media about the upcoming release of the Monster 25th Anniversary reissue, #Monster25. Listen to his conversation with Sirius XM’s John Fugelsang.


Ahead of the upcoming 25th anniversary reissue of Monster, the band has launched an interactive web experience which allows fans to A/B the 2019 remixed album against the remastered 1994 original by toggling between the two. Through the web application, fans can stream the advance singles “Let Me In” and “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” (logging … Continued

Read Michael’s Interview with Garage Magazine

“In a new book of photography, the former R.E.M. frontman confronts his anxieties about our digital future—and admits he only looks at Instagram for Patti Smith’s posts.” Read the interview

“Uptempo Mo Distortion” Demo Available to Stream

We’re less that a week away from the release of #Monster25! Stream the advance single, a demo called “Uptempo Mo Distortion” recorded in October 1993 at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans. This previously unreleased song was never vocalized and did not make the final album cut, despite—perhaps because of—its quintessential R.E.M. sound. Listen now and pre-order … Continued

Michael’s Interview with The Guardian

While Michael and Mike were on their recent promo tour of the UK, The Guardian conducted an interview with Michael about some of his recent projects including the release of “Your Capricious Soul” (the new single) and Your Interference Times, Michael’s new book. Read it here.

Read the Times UK Interview with Michael & Mike

Michael and Mike were in the UK over the last few days on a promo tour for the upcoming Monster 25th Anniversary reissue. The Times UK caught up with both of them for an interview which you can read here.