Michael Says: “Let’s Make A Difference” and Support Alison Friedman For Congress

Michael would like to bring Virginia congressional candidate Alison Friedman to everyone’s attention. Friedman, an anti-human-trafficking activist, is running for the seat in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District and is calling on 10,000 supporters to donate $12.43 to her campaign to match the $124,300 the NRA has spent to support the incumbent Congresswoman Comstock. Let’s help Alison make that … Continued

Pilgrimage Relevant 35 Years Later

Thanks to Stu Egan, a HS teacher from Winston-Salem, NC, the song Pilgrimage (1983) takes on some relevance all these 35 years later: http://bit.ly/2oKZjgu See also Dahlia Lithwick, a brilliant lawyer and parent, on the importance of extracurriculars in education and why those Florida HS students are so good at what they do— they’ve been … Continued

R.E.M. Guitar Tech Mike "Microwave" Mytrowiz

Memories of Micro (1956-2008)

This past Thursday (Feb. 15) was the 10th anniversary of the passing of R.E.M.’s longtime guitar tech Mark “Microwave” Mytrowitz.  We were reminded by longtime R.E.M. fan and friend Ole Skjefte of Norway of an interview Katherine Downs did with Micro for the Fan Club newsletter in 1996. We’ve posted that here and hope you … Continued

Peter and Joseph Arthur Form New Group

Peter and Joseph Arthur have put a new band together called Arthur Buck. The duo have worked up a number of tracks which are currently in the mixing phase for an album and plan to tour in the coming months. Rolling Stone has a great article on the band…