Michael Among Artists in Flood Magazine’s “Action” Issue

“From a very young age I responded strongly to injustice of any kind. Our system of government is imperfect, but it does strive, at its best, to be fair and equitable to all, and to uphold the ideals of democracy. I despise feeling “taken,” swindled, jilted, punked, or pranked. When policy leaders, parties, or lobbyists … Continued

Michael Says: “Plan Your Vote”

“Hi from Michael!! I’m excited to work alongside Plan Your Vote, a 2020 artist initiative to promote and empower citizens to exercise their right to vote.” PLAN YOUR VOTE brings together members of the creative community to offer all the voting resources needed to exercise your rights. Now, more than ever, it’s urgent to PLAN YOUR … Continued

“America Needs Pennsylvania” Film World Debut

Bruce Springsteen’s song “Philadelphia” repurposed in this film by Don Winslow. Michael’s reaction: “As Stacey Abrams says, November 3rd is last call—vote as soon as you possibly can to secure our voices in this important moment—what will we make of America?? Lets find out!” Please spread far and wide!  


In 1990, R.E.M. were featured on a poster for the American Library Association’s READ campaign to promote the pleasure and importance of reading—and it became an instant collector’s item for anyone lucky enough to get one. The READ poster campaign gave Bill, Peter, Mike, and Michael a chance to promote their love of reading and to … Continued