Check Out Our Monster A/B Tool

How different is the new 25th anniversary remix of R.E.M.’s Monster compared to the classic? Explore our A/B tool to find out:

Former R.E.M. Tour Manager Returns to Mount Kennedy

Our great friend and former tour manager Bob Whittaker has an amazing and critically acclaimed documentary film, Return to Mt. Kennedy, which, after a successful festival run over the last several months, is now available to stream. We’re all really proud of the work Bob has done over the years, both for the band and in … Continued

Mike and Michael Unbox #Monster25

Mike and Michael unboxing video! This was last month in Stockholm when we first saw the actual vinyl and boxed sets of #Monster25: Watch the video here It’s a beautiful package indeed and that blue is awesome. Pick up your copy:

Peter Produces Lou Reed Tribute

Peter has produced a Lou Reed tribute EP by John Cameron Mitchell and @musicofEYELIDS called Turning Time Around. Watch the video for “Waves of Fear”: