Bingo Hand Job Anniversary Stream

On this day in 1991, the mysterious Bingo Hand Job played a sold-out show at the Borderline club in London. On @Record Store Day (April 13), that legendary set will be available to relive via a limited edition 2-LP pressing. Until then – enjoy the first (and only) single available digitally. Stream or download “Radio … Continued

Filthy Friends at the Factory

Hey everybody, it’s double duty week in Buckland. Here you see Scott, Corin, Linda and me at the Cascade pressing plant checking out the upcoming Filthy Friends record, Emerald Valley. It’s s pressed and ready for a may third release. 👀 peeled! Peter Emerald Valley will be released on May 3, 2019.

Bertis Downs: “Athens in Harmony” in the Bitter Southerner

For four years, Athens, Georgia, musicians and activists have used every MLK holiday weekend to cross the lines of genre and race to make music together. In this piece penned for The Bitter Southerner, REMHQ’s Bertis Downs discusses his turn at the mic last month. Athens in Harmony