Michael “On: self”

Michael is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Masthead Magazine where he talks about a topic we can all relate to: “self.” “I believe the difficult but necessary changes we are in the midst of now will bring us closer to a version of ourselves as caring, community-based, empathetic creatures, with a … Continued

Read Mike’s Rolling Stone Interview on Big Star’s Legacy

“I discovered Big Star through Peter Buck’s record collection. They had made two of the best records ever made by a band, as far as I’m concerned.” – Mike Mills Rolling Stone has premiered the Craft Recordings episode of The Memphis Masters on Big Star, which includes interviews with Mike and Jody Stephens of Big … Continued

Listen to Michael’s Glasto Anniversary Interview with Jo Whiley

“Every time that we played Glastonbury I think the band really stepped up. It’s such an august, and such a beloved, and such a legendary event that whatever stars are aligned for us, personally and as a group, we managed to show the best of ourselves at each of the shows we played there.” – … Continued

Glastonbury 50 Virtual Weekend

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival this weekend, the BBC has announced plans to showcase “some of the greatest Glastonbury performances since BBC broadcasts began in 1990”, including highlights from R.E.M.’s headline performances. Tune in from 8PM this Sunday 28th June, live on BBC Two TV & on BBC iPlayer. More details: … Continued