Bill Rieflin by Ian Mackaye

“I got a text from our great friend and comrade Ian the other day, and it made me chuckle, this beautiful memory of Bill. He said I could share it with you all. Love from Michael”

Jacknife Lee Remembers Bill Rieflin

“I absolutely loved Bill’s laugh. it was a big baritone burst of air. A huge ha. It came from deep in him and you knew exactly when he enjoyed something. It filled the room his laugh did. That and his fantastic hair and smile.

A Ken Stringfellow Remembrance of Bill Rieflin

“I woke up to the news of Bill Rieflin’s passing this morning. Of course he was a consummate musician; but I hold close my personal memories of Bill the dapper gentleman whose mischievous sense of humor, usually dark, was ever on target;