Peter Plays Bass on New Eyelids Song (Watch Video)

We just got the good word from Chris of Eyelids that they have a new video out for the single “Found at the Scene of a Rendezvous that Failed” which Peter Buck played bass on. Chris wanted us to let everybody know it’s a song written by Larry Beckett and Tim Buckley from 1966. Needless to say, … Continued

Seasonal Sale on Murmur-Era Photographs by Sandra-Lee Phipps

Our good friend Sandra-Lee Phipps is holding her annual R.E.M. print sale to coincide with the holiday season. These are custom printed editions of photographs from the early days of R.E.M. taken in Athens, GA. As she says on her site, “These photographs are part of my collection of archival images of the band R.E.M. that I … Continued

Michael’s Favorite Holiday Song?

What’s the one holiday hymn or hit you can’t get enough of? Michael weighs in with his choice at the link below:

ARTnews Interview with Michael

“I have no hierarchy between high art, low art, not-art, nature, manmade—they’re all the same to me. My early fascination with folk art and what we now call outsider art—to me it was all equal to the greatest paintings or sculptures ever made in the Renaissance.” ~Michael Stipe Check out Michael’s interview with ARTnews which takes an … Continued