Limited Print by Michael to Support the Arts

HELLO EVERYONE and happy end of 2018!!! Below you will find a link to a photographic print that I have made, in an edition of 25, to support the great work of PARTICIPANT INC, a not-for-profit gallery in NYC. Each print is stamped on the front with the name of the gallery, and signed verso. … Continued

A Quick Look Back at R.E.M.'s Final Concert

Today is the 10th anniversary of the band’s last-ever live performance. On this night, the guys performed 26 songs at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. The clip we’ve shared here features the entire encore from the conclusion of the 2008 Accelerate Tour: “Supernatural Superserious,” “Losing My Religion,” “I Believe,” “Country Feedback,” “LIfe And How … Continued

Early murmurs of Monster, part 1

A year from #Monster25 but the anniversary of that period’s already started for me and my memory bank— right about 25 years ago, we went down to Mexico to have the inevitable discussion we had to have— tour next record (which didn’t exist yet but some songs were in the works)? …Warners, for whom the … Continued